Mastering E-Bike Safety: 8 Must-Know Tips for EVIE Bikes' Riders

Mastering E-Bike Safety: 8 Must-Know Tips for EVIE Bikes' Riders

The fascination with e-bikes has been gaining momentum for quite a while now, and it is not slowing down anytime soon! More and more folks are discovering the joys of cycling with a boost of power, making it the go-to choice for those who prefer an easier ride. According to European cycling organizations quoted by Forbes, it has been forecasted that by 2030, annual e-bike sales will likely be 47% greater than they were in 2019. 

As these versatile vehicles become more common on our roads and trails, it is crucial to prioritize safety. Whether you are an e-bike enthusiast or a newbie, understanding and adhering to e-bike safety essentials is paramount. In this guide, we will explore the key safety measures and tips you need to know before you embark on your ride. 

1. Being Aware of the Local Regulations

Understanding and following local e-bike regulations is paramount to ensure not only the safety of riders but also the legality of it.

One of the primary aspects of adherence to these regulations is the motor power and speed limits. In line with EU regulations, our EVIE Bike's motor is electronically limited to 250 watts, ensuring it falls within the region's permissible power range for e-bikes. Additionally, the motor assists up to speeds of 25 km/h. These limits are carefully set to align with EU standards, which is a critical step in ensuring that our product is not only safe but also fully compliant with the law.

Furthermore, we have taken additional steps to enhance our bikes by installing StVZO bike lights, meticulously designed to adhere to the stringent German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. These lights distinguish themselves by featuring a beam cutoff, ensuring that the illumination remains precisely targeted on the road ahead. In practice, this innovative design minimises glare for fellow road users when cycling at night, elevating safety, and comfort to a new level. 


EVIE Bike complying with EU e-bike regulations: 250 watts motor, 25 km/h speed limit, and StVZO bike lights for enhanced safety.


2. Inspect Your EVIE Bike Regularly 

Regular maintenance is key to safe bike riding. Before each ride, inspect your e-bike for any signs of wear and tear and ensure that your battery is fully charged. It is also vital to address any issues promptly to avoid accidents caused by mechanical failures.

Before every ride, you may check the brakes’ functionality, the tire pressure, and the lubrication of the bike’s chain. Riders must also be aware to wear protective gear where during night rides helmets and reflective clothing are crucial. Another precautionary heads-up will be to avoid hanging heavy objects on the handlebars as this may affect your ability to safely navigate the bike.

Check weather conditions and ride safely accordingly. This includes understanding that braking power may be reduced in wet conditions; be prepared accordingly. During the first ride, we suggest taking the ride slow while you get used to your new bike as the riding feel may differ from bikes that you’ve ridden in the past. First-time riders are also advised to understand the brakes may take some time to bed in.  


Pre-ride e-bike inspection checklist, including brakes, tire pressure, chain lubrication, and safety gear. Riding tips for beginners, weather conditions, and brake performance in wet conditions.


3. Bike Maintenance

Ensuring your bike is in prime condition before your ride is an essential thing to do. To simplify the process of repair and maintenance for all our riders, we have designed our bikes with your ease in mind.

This is something our design team has emphasised as well. We have incorporated modular components and standardised connectors, effectively streamlining the repair process. This means both our customers and authorized technicians can address issues without the need for specialized tools.

To further empower you, our valued users, we provide comprehensive repair guides and instructional videos. These resources enable you to confidently tackle basic repairs on your own. We also make it effortless to access genuine replacement parts and components, ensuring that the repair process maintains the bike's integrity.

But our commitment does not stop there. We are dedicated to extending the functional lifespan of our products through regular software updates and ongoing customer support. By doing so, we significantly reduce electronic waste, aligning with our strong commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Additionally, we are introducing an innovative and pioneering concept that sets us apart from the rest—a first-of-its-kind decentralized service network. In this unique system, carefully selected community members, known as #evien, share their expertise to deliver routine maintenance services and repairs to fellow community members. As a result, your bike receives swift, high-quality repairs from individuals who possess an intimate knowledge and genuine passion for your bike's well-being. This not only ensures a faster turnaround time for repairs but also eliminates the need to embark on long journeys to major cities for bike servicing.

In embracing our Right to Repair approach, we aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to keep your bike in top shape. Therefore, please ensure regular maintenance is done to have a fun and smooth riding experience!


EVIE Bike's commitment to easy maintenance and sustainability. Modular design, standardized connectors, repair guides, and a decentralized service network with #evien members providing expert repairs. Your path to a sustainable and enjoyable riding experience!"


4. Master the Controls 

If you are new to the world of e-bikes, it is essential to grasp the techniques for adjusting power assist levels and effectively engaging the brakes. As a general guideline for EVIE Bikes, it is advisable to come to a complete stop at least 40 times. It is recommended not to rush into fast riding initially. Instead, take the time to become familiar with your bike. You can practice starting and stopping in a controlled environment until you feel confident in managing your e-bike.

Additionally, please be mindful that the brakes may become quite hot after extended use. Therefore, riders must allow the bike to cool down, especially when tackling challenging routes. Furthermore, riders should exercise caution by reducing braking force in wet conditions. Keep in mind that the power and handling characteristics of your e-bike may differ from other bikes you've ridden before, primarily due to the added weight and unique weight distribution.


Tips for new e-bike riders - practicing starting and stopping, gradual riding, and managing brake heat. Adapting to unique e-bike characteristics and ensuring safe, enjoyable rides with EVIE Bikes.


5. Ride Defensively

When you are out on the road riding your e-bike, it is crucial to adopt a defensive mindset. This means acknowledging that not all drivers and fellow riders may be fully aware of your presence. Given these potential challenges, it is essential to ride defensively to protect yourself and reduce the risk of accidents. Here's how: 

Stay Alert: Pay close attention to your surroundings at all times. Keep an eye on the road ahead and the behavior of nearby vehicles. Avoid distractions and stay focused on riding.

Obey Traffic Laws: Adhere to all traffic laws and signals, just as you would when driving a car. This includes stopping at stop signs, obeying traffic lights, and yielding the right of way when required.

Signal Your Intentions: Communication is key to safety. Use hand signals to indicate your turns and stops. This signals your intentions to other road users, allowing them to anticipate your actions.

Eye Contact: Whenever possible, make eye contact with drivers at intersections or when merging into traffic. Eye contact can help you ensure that the driver has seen you and acknowledges your presence.


6. Dress for Visibility

Another vital point that we should keep in mind before going out for a ride, especially during nighttime visibility. One should make sure to wear bright and reflective clothing that can greatly enhance their visibility, especially in low-light conditions or bad weather. 

You may also consider adding reflective accessories to your helmet, bike, and clothing to make yourself more conspicuous to others on the road.


Enhancing visibility for safe night riding with EVIE Bikes. Bright and reflective clothing and accessories to improve visibility in low-light and adverse weather conditions.


7. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

It is quite often that we come by the advice to constantly be aware of our surroundings to ensure no potential hazards are around us. Riders must ensure they look out for potholes, debris, pedestrians, and other vehicles. 

One of the important steps is to regularly glance over your shoulder for vehicles or other cyclists approaching from behind. This is especially crucial when changing or merging lanes as well as making turns. Riders are also advised to stay alert and avoid distractions such as using your phone while riding.


8. Secure Your Bike When Not in Use

Securing your e-bike when it is not in use is a critical step in safeguarding its safety and deterring potential thieves. This proactive measure significantly reduces the risk of your e-bike being stolen, a concern that is substantiated by relevant statistics.

While chain locks are a common choice due to their versatility, U-locks offer a more portable and lightweight alternative. At EVIE Bikes, we have prioritized your bike's security with a specially designed U-lock tailored to fit our EVIE Bikes seamlessly. To further enhance protection, we have integrated the Orbital Anti-Theft System as an additional layer of defense. Discover in-depth information about the comprehensive security features incorporated into EVIE Bikes by visiting our dedicated security page.

By making smart choices in securing your e-bike, you not only safeguard your investment but also enjoy peace of mind during every ride.


EVIE Bike security essentials - U-lock, Orbital Anti-Theft System, and peace of mind for safeguarding your e-bike investment.

In conclusion, while e-biking is a fun and eco-friendly mode of transportation and recreation, safety should always be a top priority. By following these e-bike safety essentials and maintaining a vigilant attitude, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Discover more information on EVIE S1 and T1 to stay informed. Safe riding!