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Right to Repair

We're committed to exceptional quality and the Right to Repair.

Hallmark of quality.

At EVIE Bikes, we pride ourselves on delivering products and services of exceptional quality to our valued customers. Our commitment to quality and the right to repair is at the core of our business philosophy.

Our bikes are tested to the highest standards and are in compliance with the European Standard for EPAC bicycles EN15194:2017. As Europe's leading standard, it ensures that electric bicycles not only meet rigorous quality, safety and performance criteria but also align with environmental sustainability goals. Each one of our bikes comes with this badge of excellence as a representation of our commitment towards first-class quality.

Designed for repairability.

Our products are designed with repairability in mind. We firmly believe that every individual should have the autonomy to control and maintain the products they own, and this extends beyond the point of purchase.

We prioritize modular components and standardized connectors, making it easier for customers or authorized technicians to repair devices without specialized tools.

Freedom to fix.

Fix it yourself or bring it to the shop - the choice is yours.

We are committed to providing comprehensive repair guides and videos, enabling anyone to undertake simple repairs themselves, and offer unrestricted access to genuine replacement parts and components.

We also actively collaborate with independent repair shops and technicians, providing them with the necessary documentation and tools to perform authorized repairs. At EVIE Bikes, we value their expertise and actively support the important role they play in extending the life of our products.

Long live your bike.

Through regular software updates and continued customer support, we aim to extend the functional life of our products. Free updates are generally available for all our bikes through over-the-air (OTA) updates via the EVIE app.

We believe that this approach not only enhances your ownership experience but also reduces electronic waste and has a positive impact on environmental sustainability.

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