Making an impact for a greener future.


We’re fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint through innovative production methods and responsible sourcing.

It's a lifestyle choice.

With each smart e-bike we introduce, we aim to inspire a shift towards eco-conscious commuting. By choosing our e-bikes, you're not just embracing cutting-edge technology – you're becoming a part of a movement that prioritizes sustainability without compromising on style or performance.

From conception to creation, our e-bikes are meticulously designed to minimize their carbon footprint. The materials we choose, the manufacturing processes we adopt, and the lifespan of our products are all carefully considered to ensure minimal impact on our planet.

Sustainability starts at the source.

Our manufacturing processes are optimised to reduce waste and energy consumption, ensuring that each e-bike is created with the utmost efficiency. Our frame factory is fitted with an industrial-grade filters (HEPA, Activated Carbon Filters) to ensure that all particles, contaminants, and aerosols are filtered before being released to the environment with 99.97% of PM2.5 particulates removed. We also use CFC-free paints on all our bikes.

Besides this, our assembly facility also fully embraces digitalization - from assembly to quality control to significantly reduce paper usage by up to 93%.


PM2.5 particulates removed


Reduced paper waste

Responsible packaging.

Our smart e-bikes are carefully packaged using recyclable and biodegradable materials, ensuring that your excitement for a new adventure is met with packaging that's as eco-friendly as it is protective. We choose to use recycled cardboard instead of plastic foam inserts in addition to a cardboard packaging box to promote a circular economy while remaining protective of the bike within.

With packaging consisting of up to 97% recyclable material and 83% reduced plastic packaging, we reduce waste, conserve resources, and contribute to a cleaner planet for generations to come.


Recyclable material


Reduced plastic packaging

Our sustainability story doesn’t end here.

 We're constantly evolving, seeking new ways to reduce our environmental impact. We partner with like-minded organizations to amplify our impact for a greener future.

Trees for tomorrow.

We partner with tree-nation to offset carbon emissions to achieve a Net Zero Website. We're also taking a pro-active role in battling climate change by planting a tree for every e-bike sold through our website. You'll receive a tree certificate with details about the species, project supported, and location.

#TreesForTomorrow  #ReforestTheWorld

A waste-free future.

We believe in the Right to Repair and empowering you with the tools to repair your own e-bikes to reduce waste. We work hard to extend the lifespan of our products, support a circular economy, and design for repairability to enhance our positive impact on the environment.