EVIE x EUROBIKE 2023: Our journey towards shaping the future of e-mobility

EVIE x EUROBIKE 2023: Our journey towards shaping the future of e-mobility

As avid advocates for sustainable living and fervent e-bike enthusiasts, attending and showcasing at EUROBIKE 2023 was a no brainer. The event drew over 34,000 visitors - bringing together eco-conscious individuals, industry leaders, and electric bicycle manufacturers, all united in their commitment to transforming the way we move. The event was more than just a showcase of cutting-edge technology; it was a celebration of shared values and a sense of community.


An Electrifying Showcase:

At EUROBIKE 2023, we showcased the EVIE S1 and EVIE T1 - flagship electric bikes from our city bike range. It was a great experience to connect with everyone who visited! Our apologies to all who had to wait for their turn to test ride the bikes. We'll certainly be bringing more models and test ride bikes for next year's fair!

EVIE Bikes booth at EUROBIKE 2023

We loved chatting with everyone and we were definitely happy to hear of your excitement for the launch of our bikes. Our design team was particularly ecstatic to hear many compliments about the frame finishing as they spent many hours tweaking the design and manufacturing process to make it picture perfect.

It was also an opportunity to put the EVIE app through its paces, thanks to everyone who signed up as beta testers. Your feedback has been well noted, and will be used to further improve the app in time for the launch.

Showcasing the EVIE app at EUROBIKE 2023

Locking the EVIE T1 integrated lock

Finally, it was also amazing to connect with other brands and share our united commitment towards the future of e-mobility with one another. It was especially great to hear of and share mutual commitments towards reducing carbon footprint - from eco-friendly manufacturing practices to environmentally conscious packaging.

And of course we also made sure to spare some time to ride the EVIE bikes around the beautiful city of Frankfurt. Thankfully, we didn't need to use the anti-theft features on the bikes!

Riding around Frankfurt on the EVIE S1 and T1Pushing the EVIE S1 around the Frankfurt metro

EVIE T1 in the city

We can't wait for EUROBIKE 2024! 



At EVIE Bikes, we are committed to illuminating the path towards a cleaner, healthier, and more electrifying future. Our mission is to make owning an e-bike a joyful experience through a combination of innovative technology, desirable aesthetics, and a simple user experience.