Unleash The Fun: Exploring The Cool Features of EVIE Bikes

Unleash The Fun: Exploring The Cool Features of EVIE Bikes

Are you looking for an electrifying way to navigate through city streets, explore scenic routes, and embark on unforgettable adventures? Whether you're a seasoned rider or someone looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to commute, EVIE Bikes has got you covered. Let us introduce you to a bike that is equipped with all the trailblazing features you need to make every ride electrifying, adventurous, and truly unforgettable.
1. Digital Ride Dashboard

At the core of each EVIE bike lies the revolutionary Digital Ride Dashboard, an unparalleled control hub on wheels infused with contemporary technology. This intuitive and user-friendly display empowers you to take charge of your ride like never before. Let's explore the exceptional features of our digital ride dashboard:
Speedometer: Stay closely connected to your riding speed with the built-in speedometer. Whether you're maneuvering through bustling city traffic or relishing a serene countryside journey, the speedometer provides real-time data, ensuring a seamless and well-informed ride.
Battery Level Indicator: Say goodbye to range anxiety! The dashboard's battery level indicator presents a clear and precise reading of the remaining charge, giving you the confidence to plan your rides and avoid any unwelcome surprises.
Pedal Assist Settings: Looking for an added push while pedalling? Our EVIE bikes boast various pedal assist settings, enabling you to tailor the level of assistance to your preference. Whether you seek a gentle nudge or a powerful boost, the choice is yours!
Trip Details & Mileage: Immerse yourself in the joy of your adventures with the trip details and mileage tracker. Keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly distances, gaining valuable insights into your riding habits. This feature is a delightful way to set personal goals and inspire yourself to explore new horizons.

2. Hybrid Electric Drivetrain

Our Hybrid Electric Drivetrain seamlessly combines the power of human pedalling with electric assistance, creating a smooth fusion of both worlds. The inclusion of a 9-speed SHIMANO gear switcher adds versatility to your ride, allowing you to effortlessly shift gears and optimize your pedalling efficiency across different terrains. The gear switcher ensures you always find the ideal cadence to tackle any adventure that comes your way.
EVIE Bikes' exceptional performance is anchored by the formidable rear hub motor, enhanced by torque sensors. These intelligent sensors continuously monitor the force you apply to the pedals, providing instantaneous feedback to the motor. The result is a perfectly proportionate and responsive electric boost, precisely aligned with your pedalling efforts. As you pedal harder, the motor provides more assistance, and when you ease off, the assistance adapts accordingly, delivering a seamless and natural riding experience that truly feels like an extension of your own power.

3. Integrated Lighting

Experience the freedom of hassle-free biking with EVIE Bikes' integrated lighting system where you can embrace the freedom of cycling without worrying about lighting woes. Enjoy a worry-free biking experience with our reliable integrated lighting solution.

The fully integrated front and rear headlamps on EVIE Bikes transcend ordinary bike lights. They exude powerful and eye-catching illumination, providing crystal-clear visibility of the road ahead and ensuring you remain easily noticeable from behind, even during nighttime rides or in low-light conditions.

4. Integrated Security

Safety and convenience are paramount when it comes to cycling, and at EVIE Bikes, we take your security seriously. We hold your security in high regard, and that's why we've devised an advanced unlocking system. With the EV Key, unlocking your bike is as simple as a gentle tap. This compact and user-friendly card serves as your personal digital key, providing swift and effortless access to your beloved EVIE bike. The built-in lock ensures maximum security by disabling all motor functions and physically restraining the wheels from moving. When you're ready to ride, just hold the EV Key close to the designated sensor on your bike, and like magic, it unlocks, ready to whisk you away on your adventure in an instant.
For added convenience, the EVIE app offers an alternative unlocking option. Rest assured, you need not fret about whether your bike is secure. With a quick download of the EVIE app onto your smartphone, you gain the power to unlock your bike with a few taps on your screen. The app seamlessly connects to your EVIE bike, granting you complete control and access to its array of features. Embrace the ease and confidence that comes with our advanced unlocking solutions and embark on your rides worry-free with EVIE Bikes.

5. EVIE App

As we explore one of the remarkable features provided by the EVIE APP, which is its built-in locking system, it's essential to acknowledge that the app offers an array of other impressive functionalities as well. Among them is the ride history feature. Our innovative ride-tracking system preserves a record of your cycling escapades, and it has never been simpler. The app automatically logs your trips, enabling you to revisit your ride history and gain valuable insights into your unique riding patterns.

We firmly believe in the joy of shared experiences, especially when it comes to cycling. Therefore, we've seamlessly integrated a feature that allows you to invite up to four cherished friends or family members to join you on your ride, all directly through the app. While we savor these delightful features, let us also unveil yet another marvel - our Orbital Anti-Theft System, as described below!

6. Orbital Anti-Theft

When discussing the remarkable features of the EVIE APP, one stands out for its exceptional significance - the Orbital Anti-Theft System. It is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the utmost protection and peace of mind.

This ingenious feature ensures that your EVIE bike remains vigilant, even in your absence. Equipped with highly sensitive motion sensors, the system swiftly detects any unauthorized movement, providing an added layer of protection. In addition, potential intruders are forewarned! The Orbital Anti-Theft System boasts a powerful alarm that activates upon sensing any motion. The loud sound serves as a robust deterrent, alerting anyone nearby that something is awry.

But there's more to this security marvel than just the alarm. Integrated GPS tracking allows you to maintain constant surveillance of your bike's whereabouts. In case of an unfortunate theft incident, the GPS tracking feature enables you to monitor your EVIE bike's real-time location through the EVIE app on your smartphone and gives instant notification directly to your smartphone when attention is required. This invaluable information greatly increases the chances of recovering your beloved bike.

With the Orbital Anti-Theft System, your EVIE bike is fortified with great security measures, leaving you with peace of mind, even when you're not around. Feel assured and protected, knowing that we've taken every measure to safeguard your cherished EVIE bike.

Hence, EVIE bikes provide an impressive blend of innovation and safety, making them a truly worthwhile investment. Check out EVIE S1 and EVIE T1 to revolutionize your cycling adventures and create unforgettable memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.